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Lana Williams

Lana Williams, choreographer, performer and ideas-machine from Swing Circus has begun development on the idea of bringing ethnically diverse dance/circus teachers into schools to deliver workshops and or performances to areas in the UK that have a lower number of ethnic minority students and or faculty.

In these areas that lack ethnic diversity students don’t see a balanced representation of non-white teachers. Lana aims to support students of ethnic minorities to see themselves and their culture/race/ethnicity represented in their school. An outreach program from Swing Circus that aims to educate all students to mix with and be taught by different people from a variety of different cultural and ethnical backgrounds to promote inclusion. Simple terms just to get students who live in predominately white areas to see and be taught by different people from different backgrounds.

Focussing on schools in predominately white areas or schools with a lower representation of non-white students and teachers, and will begin in the next academic year.

If you are a school, or indeed a person who works in a school, and are interested in having Swing Circus visit you, please get in touch contact@swingcircus.co.uk

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